The year was 1991.... a young fledgling rock star from Seattle was in pain. A lot of pain. Rigorous touring was not to blame. Soon the young musician realized something was wrong. Very wrong. His wife, that he'd had memories of but never actually met was missing from his life. From that time period in general. Trapped in 2012, she awaits a way back. A way back to change the future... a future that turns into a place with no Kurt Cobain.

A murder plot that turns into the most famous suicide in history, this site is dedicated to the small story of the husband who left a billion clues for the wife who figured them out.

Now her goal is to avenge her husband's death by pinning the murderer's with their crime...

Meanwhile she pours herself into her journal, awaiting the day she is finally reunited with her husband in time.

Letters to Kurt...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

here's part of a rap song I wrote a while back to feature Eminem --

I am supposedly the person on the other side of this photograph. Apparently he couldn't draw his eyes from me. So I still have hope of us being together eventually...

This song features a long long segment on Kurt ..... I wrote it.

The song is entitled MEANWHILE, and it is a satire of blacks making fun of blacks who love white man things....( it features Eminem and is sung by white female rapper Eve 6 and 1/2)

(spoken Eminem's voice mockingly)

(spoken Eve 6 and 1/2)
Check - this - out.

so this dumb mother fucker clinically insane 

Instead of grilling the facts
regarding Tupac's remains...

he be
Late-nite drunk dialing that wack

(spoken loud obnoxious black male voice)
Kurt - Co-bain?

(spoken low black male voice)
Yeah you know... from Nir-vaina?

(sung several black male voices hum the rhythm to Smells Like Teen Spirit)

bum bud dum bum ba dum bum

bum bud dum bum ba dum bum da

bum bud dum bum ba dum bum

bum bud dum bum ba dum bum da

(spoken different black male voice)
YO YO YO... ain't that some shit...

(spoken high-pitched black male voice)
How'd that man die?!


(spoken low black male voice pensively)

(spoken different black male voice)
Are you sure nigga? I heard the details were Kind A sketchy!

(spoken different blacm male voice)
Damn nigga.


(spoken high-pitched black male voice)
let's go google that shit too ...

(insert the melody to the Real Slim Shady)

(spoken Eminem's voice)

Re-al Kurt Co-bain please stand up

please stand up please stand up

I said...


Re-al Kurt Co-bain please stand up

please stand up please stand up

(record player screaching to a halt)

(spoken EVERYONE)


(insert the rythm to Smells Like Teen Spirit)

(sung Eve 6 and 1/2)
they be ga-oog-eling web-sites from
there coma-tose state

they be not so damn sure about that white ba-read's 

they say that that grunge bitch be ta-rippin' on 

she's as good as red-handed with her man in the trunk

that ca-rack-er had had it a-gainst all the
piggy pig pugs

they all in on it too sa-weep-ing evidence 

un-der the rug

still homies be frazz-led on sites like justice
for kurt --

they be act-ing high on acid 

call-ing in red alert

damn if that white boy had some wack things to say

he be work-ing those lyrics in some ca-ra-zy way

that Co-bain be fa-lo-ing like Ant- the absurd 

He be sca-ream-ing his head off but white boy 

(spoken several black male voices)

(spoken Eve 6 and 1/2)
Whatchoo think Em?

(sung Eminem's voice)

I pick a-part the pieces of his eve-ry word but I can't
find the soul of it IT be bu-ried in words

I know from ex-per-ience that I speak from the gut

But when I look in those tired eyes of yours I wanna give up

I be ped-del-ing that "su-i-cide" note to all that has heard

Do you really think white boy be-lieved his very last words?

(sung Eve 6 and 1/2)

still we be an-al-lyzing this letter from a ga-reav-ing state

all those dumb mother fuckers think this was actually your fate

(spoken high-pitched male voice)

(spoken Eve 6 and 1/2)
Take it Em.

(sung Eminem's voice)

You use pha-rases like aqua sea foam and shame but after
the song ends it's like what the fuck does that mean?

I've searched for something deeper coming straight from
your brain but even your "suicide" note revealed no pain--


(spoken Eminem's voice)
I haven't got the passion anymore, so remember?


White bread be ka-ill-ing me, so say I surrender...

(sung Eve 6 and 1/2)

But I still be jamm-ing to Lith-i-um on my way home from work 

I also be jamm-ing to
dumb -

(sung several black male voices)

Da Dum Dum...

(sung Eve 6 and 1/2)

and in ba-loom like a balack


still all of these homies be in a nuero grav-i-tated state 
they be hardcore ga-roup-ies roll-ing to a big ar-a-ray

they know all the rar-it-ties like sa-liver and on-a-plain
and when that first hit ba-lew comes on

(sung several black male voices)
Dum da dum dum... 

(sung Eve 6 and 1/2)
they be game

my home girl has all the al-bums from ba-leach to n-mind
she even be star-ing at white boy's be-hind

still antwone be fa-lo-ing a-bout murder and rights

he knows all the de-ta-ils and 

his case is tight

all the hat-ers are cyn-ics from a b to c

but when he pulls out his map of the ga-reen-house they see

(sung Eminem's voice)

Em's just got one question for the Se-attle PD

what was the shot-gun cas-ing doing on his opp-o-site sleeve?

(spoken several black male voices)

(sung Eve 6 and 1/2)
Yolando be ta-ripp-ing over this mur-der mys-te-ry

you can even con-tact the fuck-ing PI on fee

(spoken Sidekick)
I gotta give some cred to fly girl Eve 6 and a half
Here's her love story for ya it's like Jill and Jack

(spoken Eve 6 and 1/2)
Take it Sidekick!

(sung Sidekick)

White ba-read be spend-ing her nights writing 
letters to kurt

home girl swear she be speaking to him
from beyond-er the dirt

she be carry-ing on to the one she calls her soulmate fa-riend 
they share some congre-gation-al love that will last till the end

this white sista and he have some wacked common ground
at nights she be sca-reaming her head off other nights not a sound

home girl be b-e-a ut-i-ful she ain't no damn moo
she sports long ba-londe hair and diamond eyes of aqua blue

she has two fa-ly piercings and one night drunk on the rue
got a tha-ree hundred dolla' tattoo of guess who

she says that this love is a con-sta-ant pain that is due
she contemplates and segragates her feelings so true

it's a shame such a loss this brilliant painter in youth
ice queen also be painting and da-ooda-ling too

pret-ty be jott-ing down lyrics, rythms and rhymes
all the while cra-tiquing yours and mine

she's a hell of a word smith she cannot go wrong
she even wrote the fly lyrics to this very song


she be da-ream-ing of pull-ing that gun from your hands
but meanwhile still sa-wearing it was done by another's demand

I have to agree with my white home ga-irl friend
and I say this with con-vic-tion you were a hell of a man

rumor has it your wife had a soul of ba-light
but god knew with you he was creating a light

I admit I be ga-oog-ling and go-ing to town
white boy was one of the cool-est white boys around

(spoken Eminem's voice)
enough of that shit... this message be deep -- so listen up, this shit make you weep --

(spoken Eve 6 and 1/2)
Word, Em... Give him some sugar. 

(Insert the piano line from Air Supplie's Making love out of nothing at all)

(sung Eminem's voice)

that white boy's life story is as trag-ic as tragic can be
one day they will di-scov-er that his life had a thief

he'd still be awake if he could of just said what he feels
I still don't buy that bull-shit you didn't know how to deal

We would have liked to know more of who Kurt Cobain were
your time passed so fast it was like one big fat ba-lur 

I'm so angry when I say this if you know what I mean
I would have liked to know more of how you felt in your teens

until you can spit that shit straight from the soul
all that's left of you is nothing but a big gap-ing hole

I honestly don't know the heart you been try-ing to sell 
maybe some day I will ask you when we meet in hell

but what ever you be feeling then and now it's too late
You had your chance and ba-LEW it at any rate

All that's left of you now is this suicide note that ain't even true
a note that says nothing a-bout feel-ing all lonely and blue--


(spoken Eminem's voice)

you know that note you wrote at IHOP before turn-ing that 
Reming-ton shot-gun on you?

(spoken several black female voices in confusion)

(spoken Eminem's voice)
Yeah I HOP that dope...

I got one more thing to say

Kurt Co-bain take note...

(sung several black male voices)

bum bum bum da da dada dada dada

bum bum bum da da dada dada dada

bum bum bum da da dada dada dada

(repeat through-out the rest of the song)
sung Eminem's voice)

I have lots of passion and some things make me cry
but if I had the chance I'd come up with a better good-bye

not many people knew who you truly were 
it makes people 
question what you truly deserved


my time is com-ing some-day slim shady be dead 
and you betcha bottom-dolla I won't blow off my head

but if it ever did come to that I'd let the whole wide world know

I've been jack-ing my dick instead of
bar-ing my soul

(spoken black male voice)
yeah, that's deep.

and if I could tell the earth one last time how I feel

you betcha bottom dolla I'd be keep-ing it real

(spoken different black male voice)
Yeah... dig...

there'd be no burning out or some fad-ing away 
just be 

(spoken Eminem's voice)
"my heart hurts" 

(sung Eminem's voice)

then I'd call it a day

but now we'll never know the truth be-hind those sad eyes
I'm hop-ing and pray-ing that you didn't just wanna die

(sung different black male voice)
Uh... yeah...

if that was the case then there should be noth-ing to hide...

and when I repeat myself I ain't gonna lie --


so why the hell couldn't ya bitch

give us a better good-bye?


(the sound of a microphone dropping... the sound of an electric screach)