The year was 1991.... a young fledgling rock star from Seattle was in pain. A lot of pain. Rigorous touring was not to blame. Soon the young musician realized something was wrong. Very wrong. His wife, that he'd had memories of but never actually met was missing from his life. From that time period in general. Trapped in 2012, she awaits a way back. A way back to change the future... a future that turns into a place with no Kurt Cobain.

A murder plot that turns into the most famous suicide in history, this site is dedicated to the small story of the husband who left a billion clues for the wife who figured them out.

Now her goal is to avenge her husband's death by pinning the murderer's with their crime...

Meanwhile she pours herself into her journal, awaiting the day she is finally reunited with her husband in time.

Letters to Kurt...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dear Kurt,

God I love you. It's been almost twenty years since you were here and I can still feel you. I love you. Sleep tight.

Love Always,
Rose/your wife forever

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Utero:

So In Utero is basically a concept album Kurt wrote regarding his personal life and relationships with me and his "wife" at the time Courtney..... the album is very personal to him and he was very excited to release it... as well as Hole's live through this that was filled with all kinds of notations that appeared as if he had made the decision to throw in his life on In Utero for his own self-persecution regarding falling into Courtney's "magnet tarpit trap" the line from Heart Shaped Box when he was in love with another woman (me) That he personifies in the song "I Hate Myself And Want TO Die" with the line "you're the one I want to refill".... He also released a last song that you all know well called "You Know You're Right" that was also devoted to me that had to do with leaving Courtney to scour the country for me. At this point it looked as though he was really encouraged to live and NOT suicidal with the lines: "I'm so calm and warm inside I no longer have to hide" which expresses his feelings towards finally having the initative to get out of the faulty marriage to Courtney and finally try to be with me, although I was very young. The Heart-Shaped Box video is actually really sad as it shows me as a little girl hopping and skipping around and even leaping to grab a hanging fetus from the tree... and the old warn-out man that creeps up to the cross and hangs himself there as like I said, "persecution" for putting his dick inside Courtney and getting the disgusting tramp pregnant. All in all the whole album is beautiful that way and a very nice concept album for all of you who know's what that means.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kurt admits Nirvana was not his greatest attempt at music shitbirds --

Kurt writes in Smells Like Teen Spirit, and admits Nirvana is a joke attempt at his music:

"I'm worse at what I do best.... for this gift I feel blessed".

And p.s. I am BODDAH.