The year was 1991.... a young fledgling rock star from Seattle was in pain. A lot of pain. Rigorous touring was not to blame. Soon the young musician realized something was wrong. Very wrong. His wife, that he'd had memories of but never actually met was missing from his life. From that time period in general. Trapped in 2012, she awaits a way back. A way back to change the future... a future that turns into a place with no Kurt Cobain.

A murder plot that turns into the most famous suicide in history, this site is dedicated to the small story of the husband who left a billion clues for the wife who figured them out.

Now her goal is to avenge her husband's death by pinning the murderer's with their crime...

Meanwhile she pours herself into her journal, awaiting the day she is finally reunited with her husband in time.

Letters to Kurt...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mayor McGinn:

Mayor Mcginn,


He has been gone SEVENTEEN years.

That is SEVENTEEN years that the SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT has withheld pertinent information on his case.

This man did NOT claim to be SUICIDAL.

He DESERVES a FAIR investigation.

He was WRITTEN OFF as SUICIDAL based on the TESTIMONY of ANOTHER individual.

An individual who ADMITTED again and again to rendering MISLEADING information.

This man DID NOT write the last four lines of his “SUICIDE” note.

FOUR other deaths have preceded his in DIRECT connection.

One of the deceased PASSED a LIE DETECTOR TEST that contained TRUTH determining a MOTIVE for foul play.

Over ONE HUNDRED teenagers took their lives mimicking their idol because the SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT deemed him SUICIDAL –WITHOUT a THOROUGH investigation.

Who should be held accountable for these SENSELESS deaths?????

The VICTIM was a loving FATHER, SON, BROTHER, GRANDSON, FRIEND and an INSPIRATION to many – and was deemed SUICIDAL by NONE of THEM.

He had a HEART, SOUL, DREAMS and FEARS. One of his FEARS was to PROTECT his FAMILY and his HOME.

THESE are NOT suicidal tendencies.

He was a HUMAN-BEING who DESERVES to be treated as such.

He was of STRONG character, and that character needs to be weighed against ANOTHER’S.

MILLIONS of DOLLARS were at stake.

These types of “SUICIDE” cases should be WEIGHED DIFFERENTLY.

He is the ONLY victim in this case therefore he should be treated as such.“HE’LL STILL BE GONE NO MATTER WHAT” is NOT a satisfactory answer.

And he deserves JUSTICE.

He deserves more than THREE hours of investigation.

Why did the SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT wait THREE weeks to fingerprint the gun??

How can toxicology reports that PROVE he was unconscious and incapable of pulling the trigger not be admissible?

He was reported MISSING by a resident of the HOME that he was STILL FREQUENTING before, during and AFTER the call.

This man DESERVES a THOROUGH investigation.

If this man DID NOT desire to die, then it is YOUR responsibility and YOUR job to grant his case a THOROUGH INVESTIGATION.

If he DID NOT desire to die and someone else IS responsible then he DESERVES the clearing of his name.

And EVERY NAME thereafter whose DEATH is directly related to HIS.


He no longer has a voice to debate between RIGHT vs. WRONG. GOOD vs. EVIL. SUICIDE vs. MURDER.

But there are THOUSANDS out here who STILL care.

We’ve SEEN the EVIDENCE. And he DESERVES justice.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drinkin' on Vine.

Dear Kurt,

You sick bastard. Today you lead me to Amoeba, and together we wandered to the poster section and looked through all the selections until I found just the right one.

With another perfect sneer, I approached the counter and waited my turn. When I approached I sensed that she knew. And when I revealed my purchase, she was sure.

I revealed your beautiful face on the poster I was purchasing and she gave me a smile only the Beautiful Ones can sense.

You told her to let me leave with the copy, and as we exited, with you under my arm... We vowed to share a drink with you resting right by my side.

I love you so...


Knowledge is Power.

Dear Kurt,

My love, you told me the truth today. And with a twin sneer, we shared a perfect moment. I finally see the world through your eyes.


The only eyes I ever wish to be associated with. You gave me River's nose and a constant obsession with the Peace sign he yearns for.

On our walk to 7-11, we listened to one of our favorites, AVA of course, Lifeline. Your words and melody rings truer than ever. As we will one day finally meet with our "careful and urgent stares" and we will finally be One.

The truth hurts.


Thousands of Beautiful Souls die from self-induced lung cancer every year. Their reward?

Eternity with their Lovers.

Peace Love Empathy

You poor, Bleak Ones.

P.S Bono is God.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Justice is a beautiful thing.

To the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Who you are as a whole, and separation is a complete lie. My soulmate has been writing me song after song through you since you took him and I will soon have my revenge.

Your success is his success, and a declaration of love for me and the life you took from us that we will NEVER share together.

He's the beautiful musical genius, and you are NOTHING. His songs get me through the day, his voice gets me through the night. But I will never know the touch of his hand, the feel of his lips. We will forever suffer this life apart in agony for a splended Eternity.

This I promise. We will have our revenge.


I love you Kurt.

Peace Love Empathy,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Kurt --

Waiting for that fateful someday.

Peace. Love.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Justice is a beautiful thing.

Mayor McGinn,

The shotgun used in Kurt Cobain's death was prepared for HOME INVASION.

Cobain had regular fears regarding theft and burglary of his home, as well as the fear of fans breaking in, and the paternal instincts of a father protecting his baby daughter took over.

A gun expert recommended the particular Remington shotgun (used in his death) as a good choice for HOME INVASION because the blast does NOT penetrate walls and injure innocent family members on the other side. The same gun expert also recommended the standard THREE shells to prepare in the cartridge in an EVENT OF HOME INVASION.

The Cobain crime scene displayed the box of bullets at the victim's side as if implying he loaded the gun at that very moment of the "suicide".

But the mystery still remains, and this question must be answered:


Additionally, the strange behaviors of Ms. Love continued to escalate. When she realized a divorce was imminent she stated, "Get me the meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer out there."

A very well known argument that many friends of the couple's suggested was the last straw for Cobain in deciding to file for divorce took place just weeks before his death.

Cobain, who had made NO secrets with band mates and acquaintances that his time with the band Nirvana was coming to an end, refused an offer to receive SEVEN MILLION dollars to headline the famous music festival Lallopalooza.

When Love realized he had turned down this offer, she famously lost it, giving Cobain hell, demanding that he take the offer and perform at the concert. He still refused.

A few weeks later, his body was discovered. Just a week after his demise, the concert went on without him.

The headlining act??

Courtney Love's band HOLE.

This man DESERVES justice and I will not stop until he gets it. It's been SEVENTEEN years, and that has been TOO LONG that several individuals have been living their lives free of interrogation.

Please help.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

To Charles Cross: you fucking toothless, cocksucking mother fucking sorry excuse for a human being--

May you forever rot in hell:

To Whom it May Concern:

This message is directed to "author" Charles Cross and anyone at your "media" outlet whom agrees with his written word, and are naiive enough to believe his ramblings hold any truth.

This letter is mainly in reference to the article entitled "Only the Good Die Young" from February of 07, but my main concern is toward the outrageous fabrications in his fluff novel Heavier than Heaven.

I will only be wasting my breath on this man once, as I am usually busy, hard at work contacting Mayor McGinn regarding the reopening of Mr. Cobain's murder case.

The aptly chosen title, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG is the only part of the article that holds any truth, for the simple fact that Mr. Cross and Courtney Love are still breathing.

I have a few questions that I would like answered as accurately as possible. The questions follow:

1) In November of 1993, in Atlanta Georgia, When Mr. Cobain was lovingly feeding macaroni and cheese to his baby daughter with a serene smile on his face after his gig, at what point before or after he declared; "Don't expect me to tell you how hard it is, because I love every minute. This is the happiest I've been in my life" was he found "lieing on the floor clutching his stomach in agony" ?

2) Mr. Cobain wrote one of several letters to his own father regarding his love and devotion for his baby daughter, where he stated:

"The thought of losing my baby haunts me every day. I'm even a bit unnerved to take her in the car in fear of getting into an accident. I swear that if I ever find myself in a similar situation than you've been in, i.e. a divorce, then I will fight to my death to keep the right to provide for my child. I'll go out of my way to remind her that I love her more than I love myself. Not because it's a father's duty, but because I want to out of love. And if Courtney and I end up hating each other's guts we will be adult and responsible enough to be pleasant to one another when our child is around."

At exactly which point was this beautiful letter featured in the "Kurt Cobain Biography" known as Heavier than Heaven?

3) Many people are aware of Mr. Cross's close relationship with Courtney Love. I am curious if he is familiar with all her other close relationships? Here is the list. Let me know if he knows any of them personally :

1. Kurt Cobain. Beloved father, son, grandson, icon. Leaving Seattle. Divorce papers in the works. Final Will amended. Unsigned.

Two murder attempts. One murder.

Cause of death: Heroin overdose.

2. Kristen Pfaff. Beloved daughter, granddaughter, Friend. Rumored romance with Kurt. Leaving Seattle. Leaving the band Hole. Last seen alive by Hole guitarist.

One murder attempt. One murder.

Cause of death: Heroin overdose.

3. Eldon Hoke. Musician. Friend. Approached to perform murder. Passed lie detector 99.7 percent accurate. Did not proceed. Gave interview with name of alleged murderer.

One murder attempt. One murder.

Cause of death: Ran over by a train.

4. Antonio Terry. Beloved father. Husband. Grandson. Police Officer. Performed favors. Destroyed evidence.

One murder attempt. One murder.

Cause of death: Helping stranded motorists. Gunned down.

5. Nikolas Hartshorne. Medical investigator. Friend. First at scene. Wrote off death as suicide based on single letter. Left job and Seattle.

One murder attempt. One murder.

Cause of death: BASE jumping accident.

4) Following Ms. Love, Michael "Cali" Dewitt is a prime suspect in Mr. Cobain's murder. At exactly which point of the fantasy-based novel Heavier than Heaven does it mention his involvement in Rome Italy where he along with Ms. Love administered a lethal dose of Champagne and narcotics to Mr. Cobain after he discussed his imminent divorce with his jilted wife?

5) Or the fake note Mr. Dewitt wrote to an already deceased Cobain at his property on Lake Washington? Was this letter mentioned in the fable?

6) Let's discuss the "abscesses" on Mr. Cobain's arms that your novel describes in great detail. I've seen many photos of Mr. Cobain, clear and concise, during the time of mention. I just had one simple question regarding them:

Where are they? Maybe by arms you meant... His invisible legs??

7) I'm sure you've read through your own novel several times. At which point did you notice the error of stating that MTV was on in the master bedroom, when it was in fact on in suspect Michael DeWitt's bedroom?

8) At which point was Eric Erlandson seen looking for Mr. Cobain at his lake Washington property? Before, during or after Grant and Carlson did their searches? Or maybe you were confused with the story Ms. Love gave you regarding the Black Tar heroin Mr. Erlandson provided to Kristen Pfaff that killed her.

I could go on... And on... And on... But you are worth nothing more than the scum on the bottom of one's shoes, and your friend Ms. Love, is the mucus that feeds on that scum.

Good day.
Mayor McGinn,

Below are two quotes spoken by Mr. Cobain both within only months of the date of his "suicide".
Following them, is another quote that was written at the bottom of Cobain's "suicide note", these lines were the ONLY lines of the note in which handwriting experts declared were written by another individual.

"The thought of losing my baby haunts me every day. I'm even a bit unnerved to take her in the car in fear of getting into an accident. I swear that if I ever find myself in a similar situation than you've been in, i.e. a divorce, then I will fight to my death to keep the right to provide for my child. I'll go out of my way to remind her that I love her more than I love myself. Not because it's a father's duty, but because I want to out of love. And if Courtney and I end up hating each other's guts we will be adult and responsible enough to be pleasant to one another when our child is around."

Kurt Cobain to his father-- 1992

"Don't expect me to complain about how damn hard it is, I love every minute. I'm the happiest I've been in my life!"

Kurt Cobain on fatherhood -- Nov 1993

"Please keep going, Courtney. For Frances who will be so much happier without me in her life. I love you I love you."

Kurt Cobain's suicide note, April 1994

The top quote, is a journal entry Cobain wrote to his own father about the pain he caused him from his abandonment. The bottom quote from the "suicide" note that was addressed to his daughter:

"For Frances who will be so much happier without me in her life."

This quote completely contradicts his pattern of thoughts and feelings. This quote was NOT his, and it needs to be addressed.

Please do what's right. Thank you.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mayor McGinn,

As a true believer in our judicial justice system and an individual with a passion for the law, and also as an individual who has passed six months worth of severe law enforcement testing with flying colors, I cannot tolerate the lack of personal attention and consideration the Cobain case has received.

There has been NOTHING but OBVIOUS, BLATANT disregard for FACTUAL CONTENT and cold, hard evidence.

It is a pure FACT that this case MATTERS MORE because of the fact that Mr. Cobain WAS a PUBLIC FIGURE and his death and the pure REASONING behind it EFFECTS many more people greatly to a point where KIDS were killing themselves like NO TOMORROW.

The death of such a RESPECTED individual known through-out the world MUST be given more time and consideration for this reason alone.

There was absolutely NO PROOF that his death was a SUICIDE.

There was a NOTE that was studied by several PROFESSIONAL HANDWRITING EXPERTS who confirmed beyond REASONABLE DOUBT that TWO individuals wrote different SEGMENTS of it.

A LICENSED officer of the court (New York and California), Rosemary Carroll, divorce lawyer/entertainment attorney, close friend to Mr. Cobain and Ms. Love is recorded on TAPE confirming that this "suicide note" was indeed FORGED.

Ms. Carroll is also a WITNESS to the confirmation that Ms. Love was INDEED in POSSESSION of a HANDWRITING PRACTICE SHEET.

She is also recorded speaking in DEPTH of the SUSPICIONS surrounding his SUDDEN DEATH while in the process of re-drawing his AMMENDED WILL.

There was a SHOTGUN lying OVER the VICTIM'S BODY. The FACT that there was absolutely NO FINGERPRINTS on the GUN whatsoever only PROVES a DEATH. It does NOT in ANY WAY prove that HE PULLED THE TRIGGER.

These two points are the ONLY POINTS the Seattle Police Department used to deem it a SUICIDE.

Medical examiner NIKOLAS HARTSHORNE confirmed at the scene that it was a SUICIDE based on nothing more than these TWO points.

This same medical examiner LIED to authorities and media sources regarding the amount of HEROIN in the victim's system.

This SAME medical examiner was a CLOSE FRIEND of PRIME SUSPECT Courtney Love. Ms. Love was QUOTED saying:

"As long as Nikolas is the medical examiner I'm not worried..."


Nikolas Hartshorne QUIT his JOB and LEFT Seattle. He then DIED in a MYSTERIOUS ACCIDENT.

To investigate ALL possible ANGLES.

As a city OFFICIAL and a SERVANT to the PEOPLE, if you do NOT make an effort to grant this case the attention it DESERVES, then YOU, along with the POLICE OFFICIALS have NO DESIRE to CARRY ON the deeply engraved JUSTICE SYSTEM our FOREFATHERS set forth on this nation YEARS AGO, with the DECLARATION --



Saturday, July 9, 2011

mac and cheese and t-shirts in L.A.

Dear Kurt,

I created a t-shirt today declaring the justice you so rightfully deserve.

It took me hours to fill in every little letter and syllabol. It probably took me longer to fill in the center of each than it took the murderers to end your precious life.

I came across a letter today that was written by your daughter at sixteen, and it is so spot on to the ways of the world and the pain I struggle with often... That this one simple letter gained more respect from me than her mother could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Frances is definitely her "father's daughter", and for that you would be so utterly proud. She only spent two precious years in your company, but in her -- your heart and soul shine through.

I also came across another article regarding an interview you gave to a music magazine just month's before you were taken from us, and in this interview, it relays your evening activities after a concert in Atlanta.

Little baby Frances was scuttering about, containing huge, welcoming smile for everyone. And you, with a smile just as broad, held out a spoonful of mac and cheese for her to take into her little mouth while declaring:

"Don't expect me to talk about how damn hard it is, because I love every minute. This is the happiest I've ever been in my life!"

Yes. It was. And she took that from you. I love you madly for that. Below is your daughter's letter. Grammatical errors and all. Peace to you.

As written by Kurt Donald Cobain

"This is my open letter to Ali Lohan.Your not entitled to anything simply because your sister has a recognizable name. Your idea of fame isn't fame. It's infamy. You want to be famous? Work your ass off and make decisions that could potentially catapult your career into a lasting one. Notariety for who you are and notaritey for the work you produce are two completely differnt things. I understand that you have been brought up in an envirtoment where the idea of fame is easily achievable but, that's not an excuse. You lack the talent, social understanding and credibility to be anything other then infamous. Your careere choices, thus far, will transcend a future career as someone who attempted to be famous, but never quite achieved it. And if you do, it will be the formality of fame that puts you on the covers of tabloids, while the public idly watches you plumit into the murky abyss shared with the likes of Spencer Pratt & Jon Gosslin who, i'm sure, will steal your money whilst there. Fortunately for the world, there are people who have and don't have recognizable names, who have obtained artistic integrity and will one day, hopefully, bring that tangible artisticness into light again. Though, its hard to think thats achievable when people like You ali lohan are rendering the world of true talent by attempting to make your entitled ass noticed. How is this fair to the people who HAVE artistic integrity, or a mind? How is it fair to those who truly have something to offer the human race other then a dwindling last name and a few shitty films, both of which, solidified the idea that your just a celebrities sibling. I recognize that i might come across as harsh and no, i don't personally know you, but its the actions that you take, that speak for you. You blatently don't care how your recognized, its the objective to get famous and that is what makes you replaceable and a recycled idea .Well, im ashamed to have to be grouped into the same category of person as you. I would rather die a most painful death the be assoicated with the kind of careere your trying to make for your self. I hope i'm wrong because generally i'm not a very judgmental person, but in the case of you, that is MY entitlement."

Monday, July 4, 2011

An Independence Day plea for Kurt.

Mayor McGinn,

It is no secret that Kurt Cobain had made several plans for his future. A fishing trip with his grandpa was planned. A trip to record music with R.E.M's Michael Stipe in Athens Georgia was planned. And a East Coast trip to take in a few concerts of his favorite band was also planned.

As well as his future plans to divorce his wife, he also planned on fighting her for custody of his baby daughter.

A couple weeks before his death, Cobain, a grown man, openly wept to one of his friends about the strife in his marriage and the effect the ending of it would have on his daughter.

This same man openly wrote in his farewell letter to his fans (now famously known as his "suicide" note) that, and I quote:

"The worst crime I can think of committing is to fool all of you and pretend I'm having 100 percent fun"

A man who was, just moments later, accused of blowing his brains out -- leaving a daughter abandoned and millions heartbroken -- had clearly stated that FAKING HIS ENTHUSIASM was the worst crime he could think of doing to people!!!!!!!!!

My God, how obvious does one have to be??

The public is not stupid. We know the politics behind the police department admitting their error in the botched case. We know that MILLIONS of DOLLARS can buy a murderer's freedom (O.J. Simpson).

And we know that the economical issues of reopening a case when no one is literally banging on your front door to do it is hardly worth doing.

So I ask you this in all seriousness...

Think of the glory? Your own personal glory of being the one who finally relieved millions of the pain of know that their idol once and for all, didn't kill himself.

We know it won't bring him back, but it's assured to bring him, and all the rest of us who know in our hearts the truth -- justice will bring us peace.

Below is a recap of, not ALL issues on why it should be reopened, but the main issues.

Thank you so utterly for your time.
And a happy Independence Day to you.


Kurt Cobain Case Reopening Petition
The Seattle Police Department to this day:

(1.) Has continued to staunchly refuse to acknowledge its numerous errors and downright negligence in managing the case; and

(2.) Adamantly denies the need for reopening, or intention to reopen, the investigation.There are legitimate, documented reasons to believe that his death was not theresult of suicide, but in fact homicide.

These include:

1. No legible fingerprints found on the gun that was laying on Kurt’s body at the time of his death.

2. Triple the lethal dose of heroin found in his blood at the time of death Medical experts have confirmed that this amount of heroin would have completely incapacitated Mr. Cobain, a recovered addict at the time of his death, to the point of being incapable of removing a needle from his arm, let alone pick up a shotgun.

3. When found, the shotgun was laying across Mr. Cobain’s chest with the ejection port of the gun to the right of his body. The spent shell casing was found on the left side of his body. With nothing around for the casing to ricochet off, it is illogical for the casing to have been on the left side of the body.

Other important points to consider include the following:

1. The last four lines of Kurt’s “suicide note” were written in someone else’s handwriting, and that ink was newer than the body of the note, say professional handwriting experts, who have examined the letter.

2. Courtney Love-Cobain, by her own admission, planted phony media stories and made false missing persons’ and police reports during the few weeks before and around the time of her husband’s death. For example, she called the police to their residence, claiming that Kurt was suicidal, and had locked himself in a room with a gun, when in fact, there was no gun.

3. Kurt, at the time of his death, was trying to get away from his wife, Courtney Love. Just before Kurt was found dead, he asked Rosemary Carroll, his lawyer, to draw up divorce papers and to amend his will, effectively excluding Courtney. Additionally, he wanted custody of their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

4. Ms. Cobain was, apparently, a “close acquaintance” of Medical Examiner Nikolas Hartshorne, who investigated Mr. Cobain’s death.

5. Eldon Hoke, singer of a band called the mentors, claimed he was offered $50,000 by Courtney to kill Kurt in September 1993. On March 6, 1996, Hoke was administered a polygraph test by Dr. Edward Gelb, who is one of the country’s leading polygraph experts and teaches the advanced polygraph course for the FBI. Hoke passed the lie detector test with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth. Soon after, Hoke was found dead on a railroad track.

6. Kristin Pfaff, bass guitar player for Courtney Love’s band, was trying to get away from Courtney, just like Kurt. Called "a beautiful soul" by Mr Cobain, Courtney once apparently complained that Pfaff "constantly makes eyes at my husband". She was found dead of an "accidental overdose" approximately 72 days after Kurt's death.

7. To this day, apparently Ms. Love continues to dodge and evade the subject, even going so far as intimidating and threatening “accusers” with legal action. There have even beenreports that friends and acquaintances have been forced to sign contracts that prohibit them to even speak about the case to the media!

8. When it became known that Kurt was “missing”, Courtney, who was staying in a hotel in Los Angeles, called and told different media sources that she had been hospitalized and arrested for drug possession. The dates of these false accounts coincide with the date Kurt was thought to have died. It would seem that she was trying to establish an alibi to put her farthest from the crime scene, protecting her from being implicated in her husband’s death.


These are just a few of the many compelling, troubling and disconcerting reasons why this case deserves to be re-opened and investigated.

Kurt Cobain was an icon for the 90’s generation. His death shook the lives of many people. This shameful miscarriage of justice has led to 100+ “copy-cat” suicides and untold grief on the part of friends, family members, and millions of fans.

As concerned fans, we hope and expect that this case will now promptly be given the investigation it properly deserves.

Peace, Love, Empathy

Kurt Donald Cobain