The year was 1991.... a young fledgling rock star from Seattle was in pain. A lot of pain. Rigorous touring was not to blame. Soon the young musician realized something was wrong. Very wrong. His wife, that he'd had memories of but never actually met was missing from his life. From that time period in general. Trapped in 2012, she awaits a way back. A way back to change the future... a future that turns into a place with no Kurt Cobain.

A murder plot that turns into the most famous suicide in history, this site is dedicated to the small story of the husband who left a billion clues for the wife who figured them out.

Now her goal is to avenge her husband's death by pinning the murderer's with their crime...

Meanwhile she pours herself into her journal, awaiting the day she is finally reunited with her husband in time.

Letters to Kurt...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Kurt,

It has been almost two months since my last entry and I feel as though I'm neglecting you. Neglecting a dead guy. What a riot.

I was scanning through the stations on a television last week, and I fell on your "Behind the Music" episode. I could only bare to watch for about 4 full minutes at the editing of the show. With all its glory to prove exactly how suicidal you were, made me cringe.

Life puzzles me. Every aspect. As one of my favorite bands say in one of my favorite songs of theirs (I refuse to mention their name or you would cringe) --

" the lap of luxury where everything goes right. And some... Live so painfully another day -- another fight."

The only question is --

Who decides?

Peace. Love. Empathy.