The year was 1991.... a young fledgling rock star from Seattle was in pain. A lot of pain. Rigorous touring was not to blame. Soon the young musician realized something was wrong. Very wrong. His wife, that he'd had memories of but never actually met was missing from his life. From that time period in general. Trapped in 2012, she awaits a way back. A way back to change the future... a future that turns into a place with no Kurt Cobain.

A murder plot that turns into the most famous suicide in history, this site is dedicated to the small story of the husband who left a billion clues for the wife who figured them out.

Now her goal is to avenge her husband's death by pinning the murderer's with their crime...

Meanwhile she pours herself into her journal, awaiting the day she is finally reunited with her husband in time.

Letters to Kurt...

Friday, May 31, 2013

beautiful on unplugged... why did you never look like this again?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I love you. I miss you. I can't wait to get back to L.A. and try that portal.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I am sick and tired of these assholes thinking they can control what I do... DOn't they know I am no longer a  part of their stupid family?? As soon as I get back to L.A. I will try the portal vigorously... I miss you like crazy -- I love you like crazy -- I am GOING TO CRACK.

Please help!!!! Love you!!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

o scald my throat
scald my throat
just another cigarette ash
burning the candle yolk
sleepless treasons
and another night
i dreamt without you
a dream of you
my sugar plum fairy
all covered in dew
sycamore laces
and chuck taylor traces
blue-eyed graces
with cosmic caresses
I dreamt of you
the one i want to refill
untill I get my fill
the one I want to refill

Monday, May 27, 2013


This song was written about me also, has anyone heard that there was a suicide tape of Kurt recording how he screamed that into a tape recorder before he died ?? I am looking into it as well, I'm not sure, but there is a  lot of hidden information about his death that a lot of people aren't aware of.... that's when I was lead to believe he may have killed himself because I wasn't there... or he thought I rejected him  :

Runny nose and runny yolk
Even if you have a cold still
You can cough on me again
I still haven't had my fulfill

In the someday what's that s sound? (x4)

Broken heart and broken bones
Think of how a castrated horse feels
One more quirky cliched phrase
You're the one I wanna refill

In the someday what's that s sound? (x4)

(spoken quietly)
Most people don't realize
That two large pieces of coral,
Painted brown, and attached to his skull
With common wood screws can make a child look like a deer

In the someday what's that s sound? (x4)

Runny nose and runny yolk
Even if you have a cold still
You can cough on me again
I still haven't had my fulfill

In the someday what's that s sound? (x4)

For those of you who think I am completely full of shit.... read Kurt's last two albums... He wrote tons of lyrics to me including one that says "WE CAN SHARE ENDORPHNS"   for some one who doesn't have many feelings for me, he considered sharing blood cells with me and being one as romantic as it gets.

WE CAN SHARE ENDORPHNS....  that's to ME. And then he goes into talking about his description of Frances "his own pet virus..."

I am my own parasite
I don't need a host to live
We feed off of each other
We can share our endorphns
Doll steak, test meat

I won my own pet virus
I get to pet and name her
Her milk is my shit
My shit is her milk

Doll steak, test meat
Look on the bright side is suicide
Lost eyesight I'm on your side

Friday, May 24, 2013


I am beside myself with the lyrics Kurt left on Live Through This.... he practically planted her red-handed with that album. If you all have time read through those lyrics thoroughly again, I am going to try and contact a detective in Seattle regarding them.... It's unbelievable.

Who has husband's who can flirt at them in videos like this ....

Here is my favorite shot of Kurt flirting like a husband, slicking his hair back and what not from Heart-Shaped Box ---

And here's my other favorite shot that kills me ---

I love you.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am going to stop focus on my comments now that I am sure Kurt is dead like I've known for years.... I am working on getting some current photos of myself on here now that I am doing some modeling... and below is a story I am working to get into PEOPLE magazine regarding everything... cheers.

Here is a story that would be great for a PEOPLE cover READ. IT is about the missing LINK female of the 90's... you had the dark hair maiden of the 60's and 70's, you had the red -haired Penny ala Jim Morrison of the 70's and 80's... and we found the bright blue-eyed link that would have been the 90's female of modern society.

Below is the story.... please contact us immediately for follow up....


What do you get when you take the ultimate little blonde rock star of a generation and the suave upscale movie star of that same generation and mix them together? Rose Phoenix-Cobain. At your service. 

The sister and widow of rocker Kurt Cobain and the sister and activist of actor River Phoenix grows up and is ready to tell the story of how the pressure, loneliness and lack of love from her being present in both the lives of her late brothers in the early nineties took them both on a spiraling journey to the pits of heroin addiction which both lead to their untimely deaths just six months apart from each other. 

Please contact her at this address for the interview and cover shoot of one of the most beautiful woman that never had her start in the decade that she belongs in and craves to go back to....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Kurt,

The last few weeks I was freaked out and am going through a faze where I thought you were alive and trying to contact me on here. I was wrong and I am still trying to come to terms with whether it was suicide or murder. Your lyrics in lithium make me fear that you were under the impression that if you killed yourself you would come straight to me and I thought that was true for a while.... I can't rest with that 'suicide' note that was left as I don't buy it as one I believe you would leave... so I am left to draw the conclusion off of that note that it had to be murder because it does not sound like a legitimate suicide note of yours or any ones. So I will just leave this with, goodnight, and I love you more than anything. I wish I knew of a portal for sure so we can start our lives again....

I love you.